Arson Charges

Chester County Arson Charges

Arson is committed when a person intentionally burns almost any kind of structure or building, not just a house or business. Many states recognize differing degrees of arson, based on such factors as whether the building was occupied and whether insurance fraud was intended.  Take immediate action if you are facing Arson charges in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

The common law definition of arson originally contained four elements; the crime required the malicious act of burning the dwelling of another person. Although arson fires are referred to as incendiary, not all incendiary fires are considered arson, the difference being malicious intent.

Have you been charged with a criminal Arson in Pennsylvania?

When people are charged with arson they face the prospect of incarceration in Chester County. Ultimately that can bring with it probation and parole, large fines, forced registration with law enforcement, and perhaps most damaging, a record that severely hinders even the most rehabilitated – sometimes for the rest of their lives.

What’s worse is that the damage can extend even to the accused’s family in many ways. Finally, where a crime has been perpetrated the accused must acknowledge the damage that may have been done to any innocent victim. While we don’t claim the ability to undo harms already done, we are here to provide finest and most ethical legal defense you’ll find anywhere.

How a Pennsylvania Criminal Defense Lawyer can help you:  Be available 24/7. The key to good defense work is diligence and speed. We take this job seriously. Spend crucial time on your case so that it is prepared as good as is possible at each stage in the process. Spend time with you (and your family) learning and understanding you and your case. Spend time in investigation so that we will know the case better than even the law enforcement agency involved. Be in contact with the DA or US Attorney in an attempt to ensure that the case, where possible, is terminated as quickly as possible. Hire and manage investigators, who are often able to impeach witnesses for the government who exaggerate or change their stories at trial.

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You also need PA criminal lawyers both passionate in what they do and compassionate in their treatment of their clients. You deserve a Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer that is available when you need him, treats you with respect, and protects your rights vigorously. We make your choice all the clearer fighting for clients throughout Chester County.  For more information or to schedule an appointment with an experienced Pennsylvania criminal defense lawyer, contact us at 610-719-3205.


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